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  • Shanghai Gubang New Material Technology Co., LTD
  • Tel:+86-21-51317962
  • Fax:+86-21-61765621
  • Address:88#, Cailun Rd., PuDong New District, Shanghai
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About Us

Pharmathriving R&D Co. LTD Co. Ltd. was founded at the end of 2006 and became operational in October of 2008 with an initial investment of USD 5.65 million. It is located in the Hi-Tech Zone of Shanghai, a city with 60 universities and colleges, and is a city of commercial and financial center. As a chemistry based, research and innovation-driven high-tech company, Pharmathriving R&D Co. LTD provides customers with innovative chemistry services including a catalog of specially designed scaffolds and building blocks; customer synthesis based on in-house products and expertise; process development and large-scale synthesis of key intermediates and APIs. To provide more efficient and timely services to US, European, South Korea and Japan customers, Pharmathriving R&D Co. LTD opened a new facility in Shandong province china in 2011. With extensive experience in medicinal chemistry, molecular modeling and syntheticchemistry, Pharmathriving R&D Co. LTD has designed a special catalog of so many scaffolds & building blocks based on structures of current drugs, clinical candidates and hit/lead compounds. Many of our catalog ompounds were not commercially available and a lot of them were not even reported. Those unique and biased structures can help customers quickly explore and establish SARs (structure-activity relationships) for theirdiscovery projects thus maximize the discovery efficiency in making next generationinnovative medicines. A series of SAR kit compounds and sets of fragment libraries have also derived from this unique catalog. With chemistry technology and expertiseaccumulated in synthesizing those catalog compounds, our business has expandedinto customer synthesis, process development and manufacture of key intermediates/APIs with challenging chemistry. Pharmathriving R&D Co. LTD currently has over 15 people, 12 of which are research scientists. Over 90% employees have bachelor degrees or above,1 of which are PhDs including 6 oversea returnees with prestigious academic and industrial experiences.