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Shanghai Pharmathriving Co. LTD  2014/3/23 17:57:45

.Contract synthesis
We provide synthetic chemistry service in the following areas.
a.  Reference compound synthesis
b.  Novel reagents synthesis
c.  New chemical entities (NCEs) synthesis using reasonably designed     synthetic routes
d.  Novel pharmaceutical intermediates with potential medicinal        activities
e.  Various scaffolds and building blocks synthesis
f.  Stable isotope labeled compound synthesis
g.  Metabolite synthesis
h.  APIs
i.  By-product synthesis

2.  Process Research and Development
As a chemistry service focused company, Pharmapassion has all the necessary resources to conduct process R&D. Our process chemists possess all the experiences required to conduct rapid and efficient process research and development including synthetic route evaluation, reaction conditions optimization and cost saving. We have the equipment capable of scaling up the targets to kilos and up. Concretely, we provide services listed as below.
a.  Reference compounds scale-up and procedures optimization;
b.  Known synthetic routes evaluation and development of new             competitive synthetic routes for target molecules;
c.  Development of reliable process in the synthesis of APIs.

3  Process Scale-Up

We have our factory in Shandong Province. To have the ability to produce  kilograms to tons of  many compounds.